Slow fuck

Photo by Rafael Serafim

These dreams are real, keep disrobing in front of me…I need to see you naked, I need to feel you, I need your raw beauty…I need to feel you, just like this.

Some mornings you will wake up with my mouth on your cock. You will moan, smile, stretch like a big cat, taking me with you. You flip our bodies: me, now on my back, still sucking. You, kneeling, my face between your thighs. Your place your hands on the wall above our bed. You brace yourself, careful not to choke me, but god it feels so good, my tongue on your cock, your balls, my hands on your ass. 

You can’t help it: you start thrusting, slowly, then harder, faster, yes, yes, yes, fuck my mouth. You feel the back of my throat, you look at me, my mouth so full of your cock, my eyes heavy with desire. 

You take your cock and bend down to kiss me, suck my tongue, lick the inside of my mouth. You start teasing my nipples with the head of your cock, and oh god, yes, yes, more, more. You rub your wet cock all over my body, but I wanted more, more. I said, come back here, I want you, fuck my mouth, Daddy, I want to feel you cum. I want you to cum inside my mouth.

And oh, oh, how you needed no more invitation. You start to fuck my mouth in earnest now, big, long strokes, and then harder, and faster, and faster and oh, oh, oh. I moan and hum against your cock, and you have no defences: you cum and you cum and you cum.

You watch me, spent, as I swallow all of it, as I wipe a few traces that have escaped my mouth and licked my fingers, licked your cock clean.


We were sleeping, and you were cuddling and kissing me. At some point, I woke up with you already pushing slowly, deep inside me, your mouth on my nipple, sucking. We stayed like that for a while, you sliding in achingly slow, inch by inch. Your mouth wet and warm, tongue licking and flicking.

We were almost curled into each other, as if we wanted to get under each other’s skin. I cannot do anything but hold on, my fingers buried on your scalp, pleading to be consumed, to be devoured. My nipples are wet with your spit, some of it dripping down my belly towards where my pussy and your cock meet.

I could feel you tensing inside me and I squeeze, wanting more, always more. I open my mouth and hold out my tongue, and you spit on me and I swallow, watching your eyes get darker, feeling you drive your hips deeper, almost making me rise from the bed.

We were in no hurry, this slow fuck could last a lifetime. I reached towards your chest and pinched your nipple, and you jerk inside me, cumming suddenly, and you groaned and buried your face in my neck, and you kept fucking me even as your cum dripped out of my pussy.

We made a mess on the bed, but haven’t we always done that. Buried to the hilt and still fucking. Slow. Deliberate. Drawn out. I feel the length of your cock inside me and commit the memory to mind, this fullness. You start to pull out and I moan in protest, and then you drive back in again, just as slow, just as torturous.

I feel suspended in time, my body only recognising this. I never wanted it to end.

T. xx

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