Mark me

Photo by Lisica Foksic

You kiss me deeply, and I wrap my arms around you as I suck your tongue. We snuggle, and I put my hands under your shirt to touch your skin.

I love your touch, you whisper. I run my hand up and down your back, before pinching your butt. You jump and laugh, then kiss me fiercely. 

We dry hump slowly, your hands straying to grab my ass. Yes please, I gasp. I lick your nipples through your shirt.

You touch me and murmur your approval to find my panties wet. You start to rub, and I couldn’t help but move my hips with your hand. I bite your lip. 

I lick your neck. You slide your fingers over the folds of my pussy, and I open my legs wider. I lick your chin.

You slip a finger inside me and I moan, yes please. I ride your hand, your thumb rubbing my clit.

I push your pants down and start to stroke your cock. You moan with pleasure, baby, that single word, full of want. I rub my thumb over the slit, making you thrust your hips forward.

Then there it is, my nipple between your thumb and forefinger as I arch my back and open my mouth. You know what I want. You lean over, your spit landing on my tongue, your eyes dark and deep and burning through me.

I move my hand faster and then—in one savage sweep you rip away my panties and throw me on the bed. Oh yes. Fuck. It begins.


Take me, I plead, my body starting to tremble.

You kneel before me, pressing your cock against my cunt. I wrap my legs around your body as you rub and rub against my swollen clit. You like this, the teasing, the torment—you like seeing me writhe, as if I wanted to get out of my body. You like the power, the headiness of it, and I the same—I love submitting to this primal display of lust—

You slap your cock against my pussy a few times—hard—revelling in the wet sounds, savouring my whimpers. I need, I say, I need.

Show me, you answer, your eyes glittering. 

I put my hands on my cunt and I open it for you, and you’re breathless, intoxicated at having received this gift. Look at that beautiful swollen pinkness, you whisper, all exposed for me. You slap your cock against it a few times more. Only for me, you growl. Only you, I say. Only ever you.


I want you, I say. I try to move closer. I crave you, I say.

You push slowly inside me and I moan. I look at you with need, and you hold my gaze as you feel me open to you, as I take you inch by fucking inch. And then we both gasp as your pelvis touches me. Could we be any closer? Is it possible to live under your skin and stay there?

I take your hands and put them back on my breasts, and you pinch my nipples once more, twist them, until I’m calling out your name, feeling you move inside me.

I want you close. I want you so deep. I want your cum. Each time I open my mouth you thrust even more. 


I wrap my legs around you. I tried to move my hips faster and you laugh, almost pulling out, before plunging all the way back in. This is mine, you say, breath coming faster. You are mine.

Yours, yours, yours, I answer, a staccato of need. Your balls slap against me and I mewl like a little animal. I’m so full of cum for you, baby.

You play with my nipples and I rub my clit, and for a while we just move and gasp, lost in our own rhythm. I want to possess you, you say fiercely. I own this tight, wet cunt.

Instead of answering, I move your hands to my throat, and I look at you, my eyes telling you everything. 

You press down. I tremble with need. My cunt squeezes your cock.

You thrust deeper as I began to breathe hard, tears in my eyes. You pound hard, my eyes saying please. Please.

I’m going to mark you, you say. Fuck yes. Inside and out.

Your body starts to tense and strain. I’m going to cum so deep inside you, babygirl.

You feel my cunt squeezing and squeezing your cock. Cum with me baby. That voice. I will follow that voice through worlds.

I gasp—your cock rams deep and I scream with no sound—

And we both exploded. 

My whole body straining, I tried to wrap my legs around you even tighter so you can pump so deep. You moan and release my throat and find my lips, and kiss me and kiss me and kiss me and kiss me. 

I put my arms around you, my whole body trying to envelop you to me, kissing you with wild abandon. I lick the sweat off you as I feel you cum rope after rope after rope inside me.

You suck my tongue as you continue to pulse inside me.


You kiss me softly. Stroke my hair. I boop your nose and you smile, then nestle against me, breathing in our scent.

I caress your face and look into your eyes. We don’t say anything for a long while.

Eventually you move slightly so you’re cradling me. 

You’re still inside me, I whisper. You kiss me softly. Good, you say. I close my eyes. Good.

T. xx

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