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You haven’t cum in a while. I hope your pussy hasn’t forgotten who’s in control.

I press my thighs together, knowing instantly that I’m in big trouble. I miss your cock, I found myself saying, breathless.

Period or not, you know what I’m capable of, don’t you.

Oh believe me I do, Daddy.

And what’s that? Say it.

I shifted on my seat. I whisper, Making me wet and cum for you anytime, anyplace.

Mmm. Not just cum, baby. Cum hard.

I felt my heart start to beat faster. Fuck, yes, I say, already wet. Already wanting.

Say it again. What is Daddy capable of when he uses his pussy?

I think of your eyes. Your cock. Your hands. I open my mouth: Daddy is very capable of making me wet and cum hard for him anytime, anyplace.

Mmmm. Very good. I’m glad you still remember.


Who owns that soaked cunt, baby?

Daddy owns this pussy, I sigh. My thighs opening slightly. When you’re so primal like this, you know what it does to me.

Does it turn you on?

Fuck. Is that even a question. You fucking make me wet all the time. I shift on my seat again. My hips are starting to feel the strain. My skin is starting to feel feverish.

I’d have you on your knees sucking my cock right now, baby.


My pussy’s contracting like crazy. I want you so bad.

You’ll twist those nipples while I fuck that warm mouth. You’ll squirm like a good cumslut.

I am at your pleasure and service, Daddy.

You make me open my mouth and spit inside.

Good. More lube for my cock. I’m going to fuck your throat.

I moan around your cock, wanting to touch myself.

Squirm if you like, baby, but if you let go of those nipples, I’m going to spank that clit.

I moan louder. Then slid off your cock. Took a chance.

Now there’s an idea, Daddy.

You like that, baby?

You know I do, Daddy.


I want to suck on those hard nipples. Flick them over and over with my tongue, then suck hard until you can’t take it anymore.

Yes please, I sigh, holding them out to you. My nipples have been so tender and sensitive because of my period, I think I’m going crazy.

I own these too, baby.

I groan, my head thrown back. Yes, Daddy, they’re yours. My whole body is yours. I’m yours.

I look at you. I see you grin.

I know.


Baby, every orgasm I let you have is better than all the ones you gave yourself. Do you know why?

I shake my head, lost in a haze of desire.

I told you. That pussy has my name on it already. It won’t cum hard unless I allow it to.

I sighed. Long. Slow. Delirious. You’re its Master, I whisper.



Baby, I’m not sure I’d be able to keep my hands off you, period or not.

My body stars to tremble. My pussy contracts so hard. Fuck. I felt that deep. Damn.

You don’t have to say yes, you know.

I wanted to jump your bones since yesterday, I say, my hand starting to wander down.

Baby, I’m really nasty.

And I’m not?, I ask, pulling you to me and kissing you hard. I fucking want you please. I whisper in your ear: Gonna get real filthy with my Daddy.



By the time I’m done with you, that pussy is going to remember its Master.

I open my legs.

I want to lick and suck that clit, baby.

I open my legs wider.

I’m going to kiss you after.

Is that a threat or a promise?, I ask.

My hands touch myself, my hips involuntarily moving forward. I show myself to you. Does that crush any lingering doubts, Daddy?

You’re going to taste your pussy off me, baby?

I’ll suck your tongue, too.

Fuck, baby.


I feel so raw. So swollen. Everything is so sensitive.

You want Daddy to fuck this? Your cock teases my clit and my body lifts off the chair slightly.

Please, Daddy. Please.

You want me to stretch this hole? Mark every inch of it with my cum?

Fuck. Yes. Yes. Please.

Everyone will know who owns this cunt.

Oh, I need you, Daddy. Fucking need you.


Do you want my cock or my tongue, baby?

Tongue, Daddy. Please. Please.

You waste no time. Head bent to taste. Sucking on my clit. Licking it all. Up to my ass.

Who owns this, baby? Say it.

You, I gasp. My hands gripping the armrests. You own it, Daddy. All yours, Daddy, I moan.

I’m the Master of this pussy.

Fuck. I need, Daddy. I need.

You don’t cum without my approval, baby.


I’m so fucking close, Daddy. Fuck! May I cum pleaseeee.

Not yet.

I screamed a little in frustration. It feels soooo good, Daddy.

This tight pussy is squeezing my cock, baby.

Daddy, I want to cum please please. I want to feel you explode inside me. Want to feel your cum shooting inside me.

Baby I’ll cum so much it will ooze out your pussy and I’ll use some to finger that ass.

Fuck. I want to squirt on your cock, Daddy.

Fuck, I’m going crazy.

Maybe I’ll fill you with cum if you’re a good girl.

Oh oh oh I’ve been very good, Daddy.

Yes, you have. Where do you want it baby? It’ll be there for the rest of the night.

You’ll sleep like that. Where do you want it baby?

All the way straight to my womb, Daddy. Fuck.

Mmm I knew you’d pick there, baby. I knew you couldn’t resist.

I’ll give you something to write about.


I moan so loud. My heart feels like it’s going to break open my chest.

I feel like I’m about to burst, Daddy.


What do you want?

I want to cum, Daddy.



Please let me cum.

Do it baby. Don’t hold back.


Later, when I’m all spent and winded and exhausted to my bones, I will remember this moment. Wet, knocked out, trembling, feeling the aftershocks.

You’re something else, baby, you say.

I laugh, tears in my eyes, feeling so right. So happy.

I think I squirted, I say, after I’ve calmed down. A bit shy, a bit overwhelmed.

Yeah you did, you say, a wicked grin on your face. You turn me on so much.

That cock is all mine, Daddy, I say suddenly. Nervous but also full of conviction.

Yes it is, baby. It is.

I want to kiss you, I whisper.

You groan. You’re going to ruin me, baby.

I giggle a little. You’ve created a monster.

I like that though.

I wrap my arms around you, kissing you softly, deeply. Thank you.

My pleasure, baby.


I am thinking about this now. Fucking wet as always. I am thinking of naughtiness. You know that look on my face. Think of that when you read this.

I adore you. I remain, as ever,


T. xx

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