Double trouble

Photo by Alex Maxim

There were two of you.

It was you—all you—but somehow you are in two bodies who looked the same, who talked the same, who thought the same, who desired the same.

We were having dinner, and I was perplexed at the situation, thinking about what could have happened, and what it would mean now. There I was, sitting with two bodies who are both you, and suddenly both of you were kissing me.

Open-mouthed kisses, the one where your tongue invades, possesses. Your tongue sweeping all over the inside of my mouth, over my teeth, sucking my tongue, nipping my lips. I feel thoroughly fucked with just one kiss. Your hand on my face, my hair, my nape. You were eating me alive, devouring me, and I whimper and moan and bury my hand in your hair.

You on my left, kissing me with abandon. And then you on my right, dipping your tongue in the space between my neck and my clavicle, biting my shoulder, tracing a wet trail to my nipple. And then your hand cups me, all of me that is wet and wanting, pushing a finger inside my cunt and fucking me slowly.

You push in another finger, and another, moving faster as you suck my nipples harder, and I moan and moan as both of you continue to fuck my mouth and my cunt with your tongue and fingers. 

And then: all three of us are naked, with one of you behind me, your cock rubbing against the small of my back. You lifted me up, hooking my legs over your arms, and the other you kneels in front of me and latches your mouth against my pussy, and oh fuck, do I buck my hips and moan and pant your name. You stay with me, moving with me, my juices running down your neck, your chest. Drops on your hard cock.

You stand up and touch yourself in front of me, and I said yes, yes, Daddy, touch your hard cock, rub it for me, yes, yes, getting harder and harder with all my dirty words. As I talk, you step forward and take my other leg and hook it around your hip, still stroking your big, hard cock. You who are holding me, having one hand free, start to finger me—my pussy, you whisper—and suddenly I am coming so hard I’m dripping all over oh god fuck yes.

With your hand wet from my cunt, you slick yourself up, and push against my ass and oh fuck, yes, FUCK, I scream, fuck me, yes, fuck my ass. You fuck my ass harder, faster, as I watch you stroke your cock in front of me. I said, fuck my cunt, fuck me, fuck me both of you, yes, yes please, fuck and you enter my cunt and fuck yes I could feel both of you fucking me hard, hard, yes oh please please please.

And then suddenly you pull out and aim your cock at me and you cum and cum and cum, painting my body and oh god I love it, I love it. Behind me, you fuck my ass harder as you spread your cum all over my body, on my breasts, my stomach, my nipples.

You hold your palm up and I lick your cum off it and oh oh oh that did it, you started cumming in my ass and suddenly you’re fucking my cunt again, you’re both double penetrating me, and I feel so full, so alive, so irresistibly here and safe and wanted between your arms.

T. xx

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